Most gurus and so-called experts often give away something in hopes of getting you to buy later. Well that’s a great idea and if the next product is good then you will buy again. However, my goal here is to get you started in real estate investing and shower you with gifts later. Sure, I would love to give the E-Book away for free and perhaps one day soon I’ll be able too but for now, I’m no different than anyone else, I need to make a profit so I can continue with what I hope are helpful and inspirational e-Books.


Never sure which real estate “I’ll make you rich in 60 days” product to buy, guru seminar to attend or ”the next billionaire" webinar to listen too?

I know the feeling. I've been there over and over again!

So one day, I decided to compile all the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered throughout my 18 years of working in the real estate industry and incorporate it into this simple and easy to understand E-Book in hopes of helping you. Now I’m not a best-selling author, nationwide real estate guru or someone who claims he can turn you into a billionaire in one week, but I can tell you this. If you’re looking for a simple easy-to-read real estate e-book (among all the other millions written by so-called gurus) that can help you navigate successfully through your real estate deals and a book that was truly designed to help you reach your goals, then maybe spending $19.99 this time around could very well be the best investments you’ve made in years.

When I started writing this book, I was told I needed a fancy “In-Your-Face“ sales letter (“Promising un-measurable millions, private islands off the coast of Costa Rica") all without having to get out of bed before noon in order to get people interested in my book. However, I realized that people don’t need to be tricked into purchasing my book with ridiculous offers and gimmicks. People need basic, useful information, plain and simple. This is why I wrote the book. Hopefully it will provide you with the guidance that wasn’t available when got into the business.

So, let’s begin. As we all know, the economy is making a come back and if prices continue to increase very soon you as an investor could get squeezed out of the market. So, if there was ever a time to invest in real estate this is it.